Annual Maintenance

  • Module Cleaning
  • System Checkup
  • Inverter Servicing
  • Wear & Tear Repairs
  • Monitoring Calibration

Monitor & Report

  • 24/7 Alert Response
  • Monthly production reports
  • Web-based portal access
  • Email alerts
  • Multiple levels of monitoring
  • Component monitoring

Solar panel cleaning is critical to maintaining solar system performance.


The typical cleaning services includes the following.

  • Inspect site prior to work being performed.  Note any hazardous conditions.
  • Cover all electrical equipment, i.e. inverters and combiner boxes, beneath area to be cleaned with tarps prior to cleaning.
  • Use of aerial man lift where required to reach surface of solar modules to be cleaned.
  • No chemicals or abrasive cleaning are applied to solar modules during the cleaning process.
  • Surface of solar modules to be visually inspected prior to cleaning.  All accumulated debris to be removed from array surface.
  • Spray down all solar modules with water at minimal pressure.  (No high pressure washers are to be used.)
  • Water to be conditioned through water softener prior to application. This is done to minimize mineral deposit.
  • In heavy soil situations a soft bristle automotive style brush to be used to break free accumulated soil on surface of solar modules.  Brushes are designed to avoid causing micro fractures or scratches on surface of solar modules.